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meditation with snails

we stepped over the threshold of the house in bare feet – the interior was hushed and the room cleared of furniture with two kitchen tables upended – now serving to be a containment area garlanded with ivy, herbs, pieces of peaches and other greenery – mats and rugs had been placed on the floor making comfortable sitting and lying down to watch the action

action perhaps being a misnomer – as other people arrived to participate, the collector of the snails began to carefully extract from a large basket a colony of them – a Mary Poppin’s Bag out of which was pulled numerous snails some attached to lettuce, spinach even a pot of growing Basil – we all watched

and watched and watched and watched and time became snail time a slow yet efficient use of movement when movement was needed a stately progress leaving…

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Dublin Town Walls


portrait of Margaretta D’Arcy   2018   Dublin   #photography


Opinion is rampant

the citizens are lost in the backstreets they no longer recognize

that hold no places welcoming to rest weary head and feet

due to much conferring and collaboration

now hyperstyled in hyperspace


#poetry without firewalls

the walled garden



The walled garden becomes the outside inside – both a protective exclusive habitat and a reluctant confinement – a micro and macro ecology – the green of obvious tree, shrub, briar and grasses on closer inspection teeming with the resident and occasional bugs – a haven for hibernating snails – visited by the local bird nation who enact their own segregation of species and flock – my presence no longer disturbs their temporary occupation their territory is elsewhere defended – I am the intruder the colonizer in the garden – in quieter moments the Robin hops in solo taking on various disguise – round and female, thin with redbreast, young and valiant, more bedraggled like the survivor of a recent storm


#writing #habitat #ecology #poetry



Height of Summer

Fearing an attack of cosmophobia

she took to the woods

the wind in the birch trees

unlooses a shimmer of chromium leaves

The Ice Princess of Altai was entombed in barbarian splendor

with Indigo tattoos of deer

for two and a half millennia


Height of summer up Tara 

between one day and another 

low cloud obscures no moon 

wind like a plaintiff cry ushering in calamity 

but who is there to listen 

take note act on 


A petrochemical post scarcity garden of eden 

ribbons and baubles bedeck the ‘fairy tree’ in a lottery of wishes and hopes 

and looking to the west I take flight


#Poetry #Tara #Altai #Ecology

The ‘Colmcille’

IMG_4238IMG_4274 (2)IMG_4276

The ‘Colmcille’ was launched back on the water on Saturday 6th April, 2019 at Aillwee pier, Ros Muc, after a beautiful restoration.  I was delighted to be asked to paint her name.

There are four classes of traditional sailing boats in Connemara: Bád Mór (Hookers), Leathbhád, Gleoiteog agus Púcán.