poem for Edinburgh



old doors

concealed histories

the sandstone and the granite

the paint peeled and the signs revealed

the buff and the glossy

the tae rampant with variety

and the dram bossy


Asarte Syrica Archaic Spirit


Mnemosyne, personification of memory

Archaic Spirit of Love

No pushing of trolleys

Through endless Supermarket aisles

No gazing in anticipation

At Glossy catalogs

No deflecting the heat from

Unwanted advances

Mother of the nine Muses

Not forgotten not forgiven

In stolen embraces

In hidden places

All revealing


The ‘Colmcille’

IMG_4238IMG_4274 (2)IMG_4276

The ‘Colmcille’ was launched back on the water on Saturday 6th April, 2019 at Aillwee pier, Ros Muc, after a beautiful restoration.  I was delighted to be asked to paint her name.

There are four classes of traditional sailing boats in Connemara: Bád Mór (Hookers), Leathbhád, Gleoiteog agus Púcán.